The Ballad of The Slayage of Davassa

Oh will ye hear this tale of mine
Of bravest heroes four
Who slew the cruel Davassa
In yonder days of yore
Now here today this song I sing
So you might know the tale
For in comparison to these
All other heroes fail

The little town of Apping
A quiet place it was
The castle overlooking it
Long since abandoned was
But then one day a sorceress
Appeared upon the scene
And in the castle she would see
The town brought to its knees

The evil queen Davassa
Had foul magics at her call
An army of flesh golems
Were made from her foes all
Davassa had a dragon
And weekly it flew out
Collecting tax from farmers
In the form of tasty cows

Four intrepid heroes came
Just passing through the town
But when they saw the misery there
They could not pass down
The chance to slay a dragon
And saving all those lives
And so they hatched a cunning plan
As subtle as a knife

Skelen, druid, forest friend
Hid in the sandy cave
Prepared to raise a wall of stone
To halt the dragon’s way
Fair Miriwen, the cunning bard
Wove into her song
A spell for Skelen of invisibility
so strong

The rogue so sly called Damnka
Hid until the time was right
So he could strike from shadow
When ’twas time to join the fight
And Imsh, the brave, priestess of storms
Did wait outside the cave
Prepared to fight the fearsome beast
And keep it from its lair

When at last the beast appeared,
The wall of stone was raised
The four, they fought it valiantly
The dragon was amazed
But just before the killing blow,
They saw the dragon flee
It dug a tunnel through the sand
So as to hidden be

Through the caves they sought,
The dragon nowhere to be found
But they found the castle dungeon
Hidden deep beneath the ground
And there they met the elven maid
Naivara was her name
No damsel in distress was she,
Though she’d been nearly slain

Naivara and her loyal beast,
A panther proud and strong,
Joined in with our heroes
Once healed by Miriwen’s song
And in the upper chambers
They sought the evil queen
But she was but an illusion
And was gone as soon as seen

So they left the castle
And they sought another way
Until they found the dragon’s lair
Where she lay nearly slain
Davassa was the dragon
And the dragon was the queen
But now it lay there, blue and wild
Far less than it had been

Davassa opened up her mighty jaws
Prepared to fight
But before she had the chance
Our heroes struck with all their might
It all ended with a blow
From Imsh’s mighty axe
And so Davassa met her end
For all her brutal acts

I’ve told you now the story
Of these mighty heroes four
Now five, for swift Naivara
Has joined their merry corps
Davassa’s terror’s at an end
And Apping free at last
Where will they go? Well we shall know
When once the die is cast